Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chapter Four

A/N: Huge apology - I thought I'd posted a note at the bottom of the last chapter that I would be on vacation until today. So sorry! To make up for it, this chapter has everyone's favorite: adult content.

“I think this is yours,” Sidney said.

I took a bite of my steak and chewed it. Yup, too rare. He slid his plate in front of me. Before passing, I ate a piece of broccoli off his. If you looked around the table, our two chairs were the closest together.

I got curious looks from a lot of the wives and girlfriends. I knew from lunch that Sid didn’t bring girls around often, and I had the feeling they were sizing me up. Vero clearly ruled the roost – the guys loved her and she had a million dollar personality. She was also young, gorgeous and her boyfriend was a superstar. She made sure everyone knew that I was with her too.

“Evie,” Max said from across the table, where he was talking with Vero. “You work for American Eagle?”

I nodded.

“Do you think they need some models? I mean, not to brag, but Tanger’s pretty fucking hot. I’ve seen him naked.” Two seats away, Kris choked on his pork chop.

“The idea of modeling is to wear clothes, Max. But I help decide what they should sell. Maybe we could bring back sleeveless shirts. Or start selling underwear. What do you think, Kris? Speedos?”


I pulled up to the valet at the club. We usually used the back entrance, but I was drunk on her scent and the feeling of her name on my tongue. As the bouncer opened the rope and let us in the VIP entrance, I realized that I didn’t care if I was photographed going into a club with a girl. Not this girl.

The guys came to Diesel a lot. It was usually a good time, and the private balcony VIP room was perfect if I needed to hide out. But I hated the stairs – they were so exposed. The whole club watched them like a catwalk, and saw us climb up.

“Evie!” everyone shouted as we reached the top. She was hugging people, taking a drink from Jordan, laughing with Kris.

Eight hours and she’s best friends with these guys. One day and I’m losing my mind.

I watched how she mingled, Vero introducing her to still more people. The guys would welcome her, and give her a measure of respect because they knew I had no game and needed all the help I could get. Some of the women could be a different story. Frankly there were a few wives and girlfriends I didn’t like – they seemed like gold-diggers with shallow motives for being with my friends. A couple of them had made it known with various levels of discretion that they were looking to trade up if I was interested. I was not.

I didn’t like to think of myself as different from the guys, but I had to be realistic. A franchise player’s wife is generally the queen of her domain. Look at Gretzky’s Janet, or Mario’s wife Nathalie. Hell I lived with them, I knew that Nathalie was the real boss in a lot of ways. Normally I would not have subjected a girl to this so soon. But Evie didn’t look like she needed my protection.

Wife? Was I just thinking wife for real? Easy, killer.


“Thank you,” I whispered to Max. He handed me a fresh drink and steered me over by the railing. “That’s a couple times today you have rescued me.”

“I said ‘at your service’ when we met, and I meant it. Besides, it gets a little hairy up here.” He’d just pulled me away from two of the fakest friendly girls I had ever met.

“I thought they were going to start ask me what Sid’s like in bed. I told them I only met him yesterday!”

Max just shook his head. “They’re free agents, going to the highest bidder.”

“Maybe it’s the last names. Would you want to be a Goligosky?”

He turned and leaned his back against the top rail. “How are things going with the Kid?”

I matched his pose and sipped my drink. Sidney was across the space, talking to Chris Kunitz. He glanced over and smiled. He’d shed his suit jacket and loosened his tie. The top two buttons on his blue shirt were open. He looked like Clark Kent – total beefcake unsuccessfully pretending he wasn’t the guy to save the world before carrying you off to his bed.

“How are you with inside information, Max?”

He gave me his best take-off-your-clothes smile. “Is there any other kind?”

“Does Sid do this often?” I asked.

“Nope. He’s under crazy pressure. He works harder than anyone, gets nothing but grief for it and still comes to work every day to give us all a job we love to do. He is the most intense person I know. He grew up fast, but in a lot of ways he’s really young. I sometimes worry that he’s forgotten how to have fun.” He drained his glass. “I’m telling you all the bad stuff! Sid is one of my best friends. He’s an excellent person and he needs someone fun and sexy to keep him sane. Know anybody who fits that description?”

“Yes Max, but I want you for myself. Sidney cannot have you.”

I got myself a fresh drink, then walked over to Sid. He excused himself from his conversation and met me in the middle of the room. “What does Max have to say?”

“Just telling him my favorite positions in bed.” I said. His eyes flew wide open. “Okay, okay! He was telling me your favorite positions! Jeez, you gay guys are such a waste.”

He smiled halfway at that. “Was he hitting on you?”

“No, but he was giving me some ideas.”

Not that I need any ideas. My hand was stuck to his chest like a magnet. The size of his body and proximity to his weight combined to make me woozy. My train of thought blurred. I wondered if we could make it to an alley or a bathroom or even the backseat of his car before I tore his clothes off. How fast can I run?

Marc and Kris mercifully arrived and saved me from an arrest for public indecency. The conversation turned away from sex, but that only lasted a few minutes. My hormones were not so easily defeated.

I wonder if Sidney Crosby dances.

I loved to dance. The cheesier the music, the better. The club had filled in and I could feel the crowd surging on the dance floor below. That might be the problem.


“Do you dance?” she asked.

“Ummm, not really.” I tried to see over the railing, but I knew what I’d find.

“Too crowded down there?”

“It does get a little… close.”

A group of hockey players on the dance floor was usually a mob scene. With me, it was one piece of clothing away from an orgy. I had been groped, squeezed and practically molested on the dance floor. Numbers, whole phones, even a pair of underwear had been stuffed into my pockets. The very few times I had ventured out I was usually drunk and on my way to a spectacularly bad decision.

But I wanted to dance with Evie. I needed to dance with her. Every time my eyes took in her shape under that flimsy top, her freckles or her laugh, my brain fizzed with anticipation. I was desperate for an excuse to press against her body and run my hands over her skin.

“Hold on,” I said. I grabbed Max, who quickly mobilized Jordan, Geno, Marc, Vero and TK. Even Kris, who hated dancing unless he already had a partner, came over.

“Reporting for duty, captain,” TK saluted.

“Safety in numbers,” I told her.

Why is Jordan going first? He’s like a rhinoceros.

We hit that dreaded over-exposed staircase. The whole club saw us and it was like birds on breadcrumbs. A surge of girls moved in our direction. Jordan and Geno bowled into a space and boxed it out for us. I pushed Evie in between them, angling my body to create room for her. Max threw himself on the first grenade that was launched – red dress, jet black hair, enough makeup for a drag queen.

Please let that not be a drag queen, or I will owe Max forever.

Marc and Vero started dancing. Evie stepped in close to me, using my chest as a shield against the people around us. TK peeled off and intercepted a heat seeking missile. At least she was cute. Jordan reached over some people, lifted a blonde into the air and set her down at his feet. Kris hung back and kept a weather eye on the crowd.

If Evie noticed the calculated troop deployment, she didn’t let on. She just moved. Her body rocked to the beat of the bass pumping through the floor. My hands were on her hips, matching their rhythm. I hoped my desire to stay near her covered the fact that I’m a bad dancer.

Her hips swung in closer. One thigh went between mine and I could feel the pressure from her leg inching up toward my lap. I’d be hard in a hot second if she touched me. I was already well on my way. Every nerve ending in my body was screaming to throw her over the nearest table.

Can I kiss her in a club? I would normally never consider it. What a stupid way to end up in the paper, or in Mario’s office getting yelled at by my father over speakerphone. But just a kiss. Hell, Jordan was already kissing the blonde he’s King Kong-ed out of the crowd. No one cared.

What if I’m a bad kisser? Or she doesn’t even want to kiss me? It had been a while since I’d soberly kissed anyone. And even longer since I’d kissed someone who I really hoped to kiss again the next day. I didn’t want to ruin this if a dance was all I was going to get.

The song changed. Her movements were fluid and suggestive, making promises that my body planned to cash in on later. She slid her hand up my arm and rested it on my shoulder. Then I saw her ring.

The ring! You almost forgot the ring! Yesyesyes. I’d looked it up before I got home last night, right after I’d emailed her. A Claddaugh worn with the heart facing outward means the wearer is available and hoping to find love.

“I know what your ring means,” I said, getting as close to her ear as I could.

“What?” She tilted her head up, her face inches from mine.

And I kissed her. I cinched her into me, pressing her weight to all my hot spots, and I kissed her. She opened her mouth slightly, those ripe lips of hers throwing my mouth a welcome party. A few seconds later, we pulled apart.

“I said I know what your ring means. It means you’re hoping to meet someone.”

She smiled. “Not anymore.”


I didn’t remember more dancing or moving or rushing. I blacked out when he kissed me on the dance floor, and woke up when a door slammed. We were in the alley behind the club and he was all over me.

“Evie,” he said, mouth on mine. “I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to kiss you.”

I was pressed against the wall, no coat, didn’t care. We had plenty of body heat working. His hands were in my hair, pulling my face into those perfect, luscious lips. Our tongues touched and I wrapped myself around him. One of his hands brushed my breast and came to rest on my waist. The angles were perfect – my hip into his lap, his shoulders over my frame.

Finally, with a gasp, he pulled back. The golden highlights in his eyes caught the nearby streetlight and flashed. I exhaled loudly. My body was having a fit. I wanted him here, immediately. Me and Sidney Crosby in a dark alley… it’s possible I’d had that thought before. Which made the reality of this situation even harder to grasp.

Ha ha, hard… grasp… my brain cackled away.

“Would it be too forward if I asked to take you home now?” It looked like he almost meant it. Like there was any chance I would stand around the club in my wet panties for the rest of the night.

“Would it be too forward if I had my way with you in the car?” I answered.

We practically ran through the club. I scooped up our coats and gave Vero a little wink. She laughed so suddenly she almost spilled her drink. Sidney looked ready to slide down from the lofted VIP room like a firefighter. We squeezed through the dance floor, past Max who instantly gave us a thumbs-up. The art of ‘I’m leaving now to have crazy sex’ had long ago been patented by Talbot.

On the curb, we stood side by side while the valet fetched Sidney’s SUV. People were looking at us. Well, looking at him. Then looking at me. I was afraid if he touched me I would be naked before the car arrived. So we looked anywhere but at each other. I would have laughed but I was too keyed up.

If the car had been a sedan, Sidney would have slid over the hood like the Dukes of Hazzard. I might have leapt in through the window. Instead he peeled rubber as he drove away. The club was a ten minute drive from my house and we didn’t say a word the whole time.

Will he think I’m slutty if I sleep with him? Because once he’s inside my apartment there is no way in the fucking world I am not having sex with him.


I hope she wants to have sex. Please, dear God let her want to have sex with me.

I found a parking spot around the corner from her building. People were still coming and going, it was pretty early. I took her hand and the touch sent pins and needles into my arm. She dug out her keys and turned the lock.

“Upstairs, second door on the right,” she said. Then she opened the door and took off. I ran after her, stairs two at a time. She had the door halfway open and I almost broke it down. I threw my coat on the floor, her coat on the floor and then took her body down on top of them. We were barely inside.

I slid my knee between her legs and lay my whole self across her. The coats were uneven, making her body rise and fall at unnatural angles but I didn’t care. I pressed against every part of her I could find. She wanted it too, thank God. One hand at my neck held my mouth to hers in a deep, ripe kiss. Her other hand was on my ass.

My head was spinning – I didn’t hear the footsteps till they were right on top of us.

“So is this the honeymoon?”

I whipped around and almost jumped up. A blond girl with bangs stood over us. She wore jeans, a sweater and a huge smirk on her face. A blue duffel bag was under one arm. I felt Evie go lax under me and start laughing.

“I’m going to Dave’s,” the girl said, reaching for the door. “You two clean up after yourselves.”

Evie’s laugh, the one from the locker room hallway where no sound comes out, was back. It took a few huge gasps for her to get her voice back. “That’s my roommate, Beth,” she had tears in her eyes. “I didn’t know she was here.”

I laughed too – embarrassed, certainly but Beth hadn’t seemed to care. “You told her about me?”

“I told her I was shaving my legs and wearing lingerie. She figured the rest out. Maybe a little too slowly.”

I pulled my dress shirt off over my head without unbuttoning it. My t-shirt was next. Evie drew her borrowed top slowly up her stomach, over her bra and then through her hair. She smiled at me watching as she reached behind and unclasped her bra, then dragged the straps down her arms and tossed it away. My hands moved on their own – up her smooth skin, across her ribs, over her breasts. She closed her eyes, like she found my touch even better than she’d expected.

Her skin tasted like heaven. I put my mouth to her breast and felt her small, round nipple become tense under my tongue. My hand teased the other until she had a matching set. Knowing that she wanted me, knowing she’d been thinking about the things she wanted me to do to her… I was impressed with my own willpower as I traced the line along her abs with my mouth.

Her jeans came open. She lifted her hips and I hooked the belt loops, pulling them slowly off her lower body. Black lace panties beneath made me groan. I brushed my fingers over the delicate fabric as her body grew tighter and tighter with each pass I made over her mound.

With the tips of my four fingers resting below her belly button, I slid my thumb straight down her front. I felt her coarser hair, over the slope of her clit, then her warm slit. My heart skipped a beat to know she was wet in anticipation of me. I rubbed up and down, enjoying the feeling of the lace between us. Then, testing, I placed my tongue where my thumb had been.

She flinched. Tracing the edges of the material, I ran my tongue along the fold where her legs met her body before going right for the juicy peach in the middle. I pulled the fabric aside and tasted her for the first time.


My body sang. Instantly every nerve was straining, like a car revving into the red. As Sidney drew what I imagined were hockey plays with his tongue, I said a very dirty little prayer to whoever designed those underwear.

Sidney slid a finger inside me, then two, testing me out. He did not stop with his tongue. Before long, my lower stomach was starting to flutter. I didn’t care that we were on the floor in the hallway in my apartment. I just wanted him to fuck me. I was ready to make sure every person in a three mile radius knew his name from the top of my lungs.

He rolled my clit between his lips while working inside my hot core with his fingers. Every time he changed pressure or direction, my heart dropped like a roller coaster. I pulled his hair, arched my back and whimpered.

My request was granted. He doubled his efforts, giving it to faster, stronger. I was sure he felt my body tensing and rocking, sure he was enjoying torturing me. He threw a look my way as he paused, then with a final lick he sucked me into his mouth as hard as he could.

Good thing my coat was on top of the pile. I came with a scream, a great crashing scream. His mouth moved over me, lapping the juice from my body, but I knew he couldn’t get it all. I shook and rolled for what seemed like half an hour. His fingers, still strong and hot inside my body, coaxed every last drop of affection out of me. When he was finally finished, and I was a weeping puddle of destruction, he wiped a hand across his mouth and straightened until kneeling.

“Your neighbors heard that,” he smiled.

“Did I say your name?” I really didn’t know if I’d spoken in Aramaic or recited a calculus equation, I was too busy being ripped in half by an orgasm like a tornado touching down.

He shook his head. “No. You may have yelled the Pythagorean Theorum.”

“Next time,” I said, reaching for his belt.

As I pulled his zipper down, I tried to revel in the moment. My hand slid inside his pants and I almost came again. This is going to feel really, really good. I pulled down his jeans and pushed them off with my feet. In boxer briefs, I got my first glimpse of his thighs.

“Dear God in Heaven, you are gorgeous,” I whispered. When I made to sit up, he held me down.

“But I want to see,” I said, smiling. He was so hard he’d tear through his shorts in a second.

“I’m going to come the second you touch me,” he said. “Let me be inside you the first time.” He pulled his shorts down, revealing the most beautiful statue this side of the Stanley Cup. I stared, knowing when I closed my eyes the image would be burned into my retina like I’d been looking directly into the sun. I melted into the coats.

Sidney took the two fingers that had done so much damage earlier and returned them to the scene of his crime. He dipped into me, wetting them then ran them over the length of his cock. Once wet, he drew his body over mine. With agonizing slowness he pressed the tip of his penis against my pussy. Then again. Then he pushed it just inside. I was on the verge of a seizure. I wasn’t even sure he was going to fit, but I wanted him immediately.

I grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him, hard. On that note he rocked his full length into me in a single stroke.

The actual chemical makeup of my body changed. Molecules came apart with the force of an atomic bomb. When they reformed, every one had a bare, sensitive edge turned in his direction. On the next stroke, his cock fired every nerve ending in my body. I sobbed out a breath.

“Fuck, how do you make it feel so good?” he breathed.

“Uuuunnnnnhhhhhh,” was my best guess.


I have never, ever blacked out. But I almost fainted when I touched the top of the space inside her. I was in up to my knees, deeper than I even knew existed in the human body. She was dripping wet and trembling. When she gasped, I knew she’d felt it too. I did it again, drawing another rush of breath from her body. Her hands locked onto my hips and begged instant replay. I obliged.

I leaned down over her, feeling like I was touching every single part of every single part of her. She moaned into my mouth. Her back was arched over the coats, reaching her body upward. I moved more quickly, the tension growing in my body as she writhed beneath. I wanted to do this forever, to move her and move inside her, I wanted her scream to be loud enough to drown out my own.

She twisted her hips, rolling her muscles over my cock. The harder I moved, the harder she twisted against me. Her breasts bobbed like apples, her head thrown back over the pile. I grabbed one to my mouth and licked, bit, sucked. She started to shake.

“Sidney, touch me,” she whispered.

I rose up again and reached my thumb to her mouth. She let it in, over her tongue then over her lip. I placed the moist pad to her clit and she jerked against me. Moving it slowly in circles, I could feel her clenching against my dick. It wavered then came down harder. And again. She was losing it. I moved my thumb more quickly. Her ass lifted off the coats, practically into my lap, jamming her down on me. I rutted into her, breathing hard, trying to keep a grip while pounding her body into submission. She dug her nails into my thigh hard, involuntarily, and squeezed.

“Sidney!” she sobbed loudly as she came. It broke over my cock, flooding the space with hot liquid. Like a vice she clamped down on me over and over, her body rolling beneath mine as the orgasm crashed against her. I hammered into her, milking it, forcing it, relentlessly pushing her. With a moan she fell away beneath me.

Finally! My whole body screamed. I shifted my hips to push more forward and on the third press, it was like an ejector seat firing. The world went zero gravity. My shoulders rolled themselves into her, pushing tension from my upper body down, down and out the end of my aching cock. I moaned, loudly, for the first time had absolutely no control of what was happening to me. When the last sensation had dripped from my body into hers, I collapsed.

I came around from my daze to feel her fingers in my hair. My head was on her chest, her perfect breast just inches from my mouth. I kissed her skin then turned toward her face.

“You were worth waiting till marriage for,” she smiled.

My laugh shook both of our bodies. I would marry her right now if it meant I got to do that every day, I knew. If she ever lets me back in there, the only way you’ll ever find my dick is with deep sea sonar.

“No way,” I said. “Virgins can’t do that.”

Now it was her turn to laugh. “Bed?” she asked.

I stood slowly, unsure my legs would hold me. When they did, I looked down at her lying wasted and spent at an awkward angle on the floor. Her flushed skin called my name. I scooped her in my arms and carried her into the bedroom.


“It would be exaggerating every other sexual encounter of my life if I said I’ve never done anything even close to this before,” he panted.

We were lying on the couch, having climbed over the back where I’d been bent 90 degrees with my ass in the air while he pulled my hair and made me think things that could burn down a church from a mile away. Before that, we’d been in the bedroom.

“Kitchen next?” I suggested, my eyes so heavy with pleasure I couldn’t open them. It had to be 3 in the morning. We’d dozed a few times, but quickly woken hot and bothered in each other’s arms.

“How do you do that?” he said. “How do you feel so good? I’m afraid I’m going to tear you in half.” With that he stroked a finger across my aching, swollen pussy.

I flinched. “It would be a good, honorable death.”

“It’s suicide if you let me back in there,” he laughed tiredly.

I rolled over, pressing my back against the wall of his chest and my ass right into his lap. He put one arm over me and snuggled close. The edges of the world were growing dark and it wouldn’t be long till sleep ruined all our fun. Behind me, Sidney’s breathing was softening.


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